Getting to the heart of the matter

You work so hard, you boil, you broil, you bake, you bbq….then you pull, poke, and chew….UNTIL you get to the heart…of an artichoke. I have to admit, I am the girl who buys artichokes, cooks them, and eats 2 and leave the rest to become this years science fair entry, in the back of the fridge. I have tried every recipe on pinterest, and all good, but at the end of the day, just too much work….so this week we have an artichoke dip, that gives you all the love and flavor of these very stubborn, but yummy vegetables.

Last weekend, I made my way down to Carlsbad to visit some friends, other crazies who love to cook, eat, and drink as much as I do. A few months ago, I went down to see them, and forgot to bring the dip (, so I had to make up for it this trip. Not only did I make tonight’s feature, BUT I remade last weeks, and actually remembered making it this time…sorry mom 😉

They gave amazing reviews to last weeks, I changed it up a bit and added applewood bacon, not just regular bacon, and it did add just that one touch that it may have been missing. However, this dip, was gone in an instant, total crowd pleaser…here goes.


8 oz. cream cheese, softened

1 (14-ounce) can artichoke hearts, thoroughly drained. (when you think you have drained them, keep going, you’re not even close)

1 to 2 garlic cloves, minced ( I used 4)

5 oz of goat cheese, softened. Depending how much you love goat cheese, use more or less

½ cup shredded parmesan cheese

Dash of cayenne pepper….give it a kick and use TWO

Dash of cracked black pepper



I think the reason I was so excited to find and modify this dip was because it didn’t contain mayonnaise, it’s the devil, and really good for nothing….blech.

Pre-heat oven to 350′

Let all 3 cheeses soften for a bit, I left them on the counter for about 45 minutes, it really made the mixing without a hand blender much easier. Put all the cheeses, the cayenne, and black pepper together and mix until smooth.


Take your very very drained artichokes and put them in the food processor, mini chop, or if you are confident in your ability to keep all 10 digits on your hands, use a knife….chop coarsley, and fold into cheese mixture.

IMG_3425 IMG_3427

Place this yummy concoction into a a baking dish, I used a metal pie tin, but you can really use anything that can be put in the oven. (These would be really cute in individual ramekins at a dinner party)

photo 1 (14) photo 2 (16)

Bake for 25-30 mins until the dip is browned slightly and bubbly.

photo 3 (13)


We used a whole bunch of different things, but really we only needed a fork. Get a baguette, and lightly toast it, this was my favorite. We also used ridged chips, rosemary crackers, and some very yummy, but very not appreciated vegetables (endive, cucumber, and peppers)

This was one of my favorite dips to make, and this was for sure be served at a party in the near future…..

photo 4 (10)

Happy Dipping!

* next week we have a dip that was requested by a very special man in my life…..wait and see.



A lesson I learned yesterday when making this weeks dip….5 bottles of champagne could make dirt taste good, but trust me, even with 4 bottles less than we had, this dip would have been a masterpiece.  I love bacon, with breakfast, on burgers, on pizza, and on cupcakes, bacon is a perfect addition to anything!  Now, for my vegetarian friends, please note, this may not be as good with a meat substitute, so probably best for you to sit this one out.

I wake up early, actually I don’t sleep, many of you know this, so I have a friend who lives down the street, who DOES sleep, but wakes up rather early.  This is good for me, because sometimes he wants to go to breakfast at 8 am on Sunday mornings ( I know what’s wrong with us).  That is exactly how my Sunday started yesterday, and it was a day filled, with bubbles, online shopping, gossiping, and of course….BACON.

I have been playing on Pinterest every night before I go to bed, and I saw this dip, and had to try it….I can’t wait to experiment more with this dip, as I feel like adding chorizo, sriracha chicken, prosciutto, would light up most of your lives…let’s get to it.


1 cup caramelized onions (we will have a lesson on this later) I used 3 large white onion

4-6 strips of bacon ( what dreams are made of) cooked to a crisp


3 whole scallions ( I used a lot more) you will need both the green & white parts

1 tsp cider vinegar ( I used apple cider)

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper ( I suggest adding a little more for a kick)

1 3/4 cup sour cream ( I used 2 cups)

Sea salt & coarse black pepper for tasting


I really wanted this dip to be on the more chunky side, so I used my mini chop and just hit it a few times.

Again, I mention the bubbly, ( we did add a 3rd person, so don’t think 2 people drank 5 bottles, not that it hasn’t been done) so an ingredient picture didn’t make it for this week. Ingredients are pretty self explanatory.


Like last weeks dip, this can all be put together in one easy, monkey can do it, step….BUT if you don’t know how to caramelize onions, perhaps a lesson is needed (don’t worry I needed one too)


Please use the butter, it says optional, but it should be mandatory!  After you turn these onions from boo to whoo hoo, it’s time to throw it ALL in a bowl, add the salt and pepper to taste and put in the refrigerator.  Wait 5 minutes until the devil on your shoulder pushes you to the fridge to take a bite of this happiness…..put it back in, and then take it right back out, b/c you can’t just have a bite!


Everything is better with RRRRRidges….so of course ruffles take center stage.  Also, Celery, jicama, carrots, cucumber, anything crunchy that doesn’t have an over powering taste because you are going to 100% want to enjoy every bit of bacon….