Mangia Mangia….

There are no good sayings, puns, or titles with the word ricotta, so you get a generic title today.

I went to a girls night on Sunday and decided to try out two dips, one you’re about to read about, and the other, needed some help, so you will read about that next week.  I went the simple route this week, and instead of a traditional “dip” you are getting a spread.  Sorry to all of my Jewish friends who will not be able to eat this on crostini for the next eight days!

This “dip” is something that you can have with your meal, it’s light, fresh, and really can be eaten any time of year.  Of course it’s meant to be an appetizer, but if you eat this before dinner, your pants may need to be unbuttoned by the time the main event comes around.


1 CUP fresh ricotta

2 TBSP chopped fresh basil (save some leaves for garnish)

2 TBSP chopped fresh parsley

Kosher Salt & freshly ground black pepper

Even my trusty best friend the mini chop couldn’t chop the herbs, they are too small.  I am super accident prone, so instead of having a “dip” with pieces of my fingers, I used a pair of scissors.  The pieces of basil were bigger than I would have liked, but it worked.

photo 1


Get a bowl, put all the ingredients in the bowl, stir said ingredients,  season with salt and pepper…..then put the bowl on the table for all to enjoy.  This one is pretty easy, I think a monkey could make this one….I got this recipe from Martha, maybe she made it up while she was in the slammer, and her creativity was on hiatus.

photo 2 photo 4


We had everything from pretzel chips, green beans, cucumber, peppers, and potato chips.  I really think the best of the best would be some toasty crostini, the kind that rips the top of your mouth……no pain no gain  🙂

photo 2 (9)

Happy Dipping


3 thoughts on “Mangia Mangia….

  1. I can’t wait to try this tonight I have a girls night out Wednesday evening I’ll take pictures thank you again for the recipe!

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