Say Cheese……

Though new to the blog world, I do know that consistency is a must, and I have had a hiccup….I have been out of town for 2 weeks, and wasn’t able to post last week….everyone gets one fail right???

I was in NYC for work and then to Puerto Rico for one of my oldest friends bachelorette parties, so I wish this weeks dip could have been a diet recipe, as I believe I have eaten a small village, but what fun would that be?

I love cheese, as much as I love shoes, and wine, and for those of you who really know me, this isn’t a small love.  There are not many cheeses I don’t like, and if I am not a huge fan, I usually will grow to at least want to go on a second date….then the rest is history.  This weeks concoction doesn’t involve any hoity toity ingredients, you can make it in 5 minutes (minus the cooking time), and ingredients can easily be added.  My mom used to make this for parties, and it’s always been a favorite of mine.


I usually double this, and everyone will tell you it takes too long and it’s never bubbly enough, so this time, I just kept as is:

2 packages of shredded cheese ( I use one Mexican blend, and one Cheddar)

1 egg

splash of milk

2 jars of salsa ( I used one mild and one hot)

* so in reality, these are the only ingredients……BUT, HERE IS WHERE YOU CAN GET CREATIVE!

Some additions we have tried: 

black olives, shredded chicken, any & all kinds of beans, jalapeno’s, ground beef, and bacon.

If you try this dip and add your own ingredients, I would love to hear 🙂

THROWING IT TOGETHER (but first pre-heat your oven to 350′)

Here comes the complicated part: put everything, like each and everything listed above in a bowl, mix it together…….and then pour it in an oven safe dish!  Whew, broke a sweat with this masterpiece!



*This particular version had black beans, and diced jalapeno.

Place dish in oven for about 20-25 minutes, or until the cheese becomes very bubbly. it’s good even if it’s not well done, but the gooier. the better!



Now I can’t lie to you, so I will tell you, the end result picture is NOT the one from this night….because before I could even get my camera out, people started breaking into it, and there wasn’t enough to photograph (oops).  However, I had made this not long ago, and a friend put a picture on his Facebook page, or else I would have to go make another one at 6am and really not what I want to be eating for breakfast (or do I).



*not the prettiest, but one of the most popular!


We have been using scoops, they have baked scoops now too, so you can offset the calories of the cheese with the baked chips 😉  I swear when I was a kid we used Doritos, so I think tortilla chips, or Doritos are your best bet.

So to the 6 other girls I shared laughs, stories, and amazing food and drink with this past weekend, don’t eat this before the wedding, or we won’t fit in our dresses….the rest of you are free to dip!





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